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I am a creative professional based in Hong Kong. I provide freelance writing, editing and translating services for all walks of life. My job is to help you to grow your businesses and fulfill the content needs of your company. You can check my writing website to see whether my services fulfill your needs or not.

My name is Janet Li. I reside in Hong Kong. My works have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous places, including: IT magazine, Hong Kong Economic Times, Nikkei Business Electronic Asia, Water Weekly and various websites.

I am a journalist, copy editor, translator and technical writer. I once wrote a novel every hour for a whole day. I love to hike, read, draw.

Bylined Articles Writing

A good Journalist can give you accurate and enriched information.

Text Editing

A great copy-editor can make your article more compelling and attractive.

Technical Writing

A technical writer can make your workflow more smooth and make your company more productive.

Text Translating

A great translator can give your client the correct information and increase your sales.

A good writer can increase your sales and solve your problems in creating high-quality content. However, how can you make sure that the writer is good? You should then check her portfolio. Just click here and check my portfolio. You can see whether I can help you or not. For the work samples of my bylined articles, you can find them at


“Over the past nine years, I have edited Janet’s coverage of water and sanitation issues in Taiwan. Her articles represented an extremely valuable contribution to OOSKAnews Weekly Water Report, Southern and Eastern Asia. Janet knows the region and the topic area well. She turned in a copy on time and was always able to answer any questions I had. She has always conducted herself with the utmost professionalism. “
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