Considering New Approach in the Freelance Writing Career

By Janet Li

Freelance writing can give you more freedom and joy. However, when you start your freelance writing career, you should pay attention to several points.

As a freelance writer, you cannot want to find a lot of jobs within one or two years. It is a long way to go. I recommend that you should store up more than five years’ to ten years’ savings to start your freelance writing career. Somebody may say that it is better to store up six months’ or one-year savings to start your writing career. However, what they talk is all wrong. You should save up more than five years’ savings to start your way. 

Some may suggest that you can develop your freelance career while doing your nine-to-five job. However, it is not practical. You will find it hard to do your nine to five works while starting your freelance career. I advise you could use the alternative approach to develop your freelance career. You can spend one year in full-time job every several years. In between, you can develop your freelance writing job with a part-time job as developing a freelance writing career need many time and money. You should have some full-time job experiences before joining the freelance pool as you need a portfolio and money to develop your freelance writing career.

There is a lot of job on the Internet for the freelancer. At the very early phase, maybe, you will find some content mills to provide you some works, for example, Freelancer, Guru. However, the rate of these kinds of sites is very low. We will find hard to earn good money from these sites. Moreover, the competition of these kinds of sites is very high. You will find hard to find a good job here. It will waste your time and energy.

You can try to find some jobs in the following job board. The links are as follows:

  1. Write Jobs
  2. Brian Scott’s
  3. Problogger Jobs
  4. Morning Coffee Newsletter

In these job boards, you can find some popular work category, like a technical writer, copywriter, financial writer, resume writer, etc. Their pay is better than the content mills. You can find some regular jobs out of these sites. One of the pitfalls of these job boards is the completion is still great. But it is a good starting point.

If it is possible, you should spend some money for further education. You should find a mentor who can help you on the freelance journey. You can have no degree to be a freelance writer. However, you should find a mentor who can give you tips and advice on the freelance business.

To further promote yourself, you can make some guest postings on some blogs. They will perhaps pay you nothing. However, it is a good chance for you to promote yourself and have a byline.

Sometimes, I will give a doubt about whether it can develop a freelance writing journey. However, if your job makes your health get worse and worse, it is still worth to give a try on your freelance road as freelance career give you more freedom and time. You can use the time to manage your daily housework and your health.

All in all, a freelance writing career will give you more freedom and good health. However, before you start your freelance writing career, you should save up enough money and make a good psychological preparation as it is a long road to follow. If you just want to make fun of it, you should stay in your nine-to-five job.

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