The Survival Strategy for Freelancer

I do not know whether there is anyone who admit that freelancer is a survivor. If there is no body to think like this, it will make people surprising. Throughout these years, I am not only a survivor, but also confront with different kinds of problems.

As the change of the time, lifestyle and the changing landscape of the publishing industry, some editors who provide us the support has disappeared. Some magazine which we suppose that they would be available forever has disappeared. What is most terrible is some magazines has changed their appearances. When we found this magazine in the small shop, we cannot find out their original appearances. In addition, the new magazine has born continuously. However, their quality is not progressing. It means that the environment that is suitable for our survival is departing from us.

I have some survival strategy for freelancer. Maybe, it cannot last for a long period of time. However, it will be effective in short-term base. Anyone can try it.

1. Write Short Article

Does not exceed one thousand words. Do not pay too much attention on the length of the article. Do put emphasis on the adjustment of the rhythm. The viewpoint is new and clear. The words are not scattered and mixed. You could know that the editor will not dig the treasure from the four-thousand-word article when they encounter the beginner.

2. Tell the truth

Do write what you hear. Express the true opinion. Your opinion may not be popular. However, you should be honest. Do write what the editors and readers want.

3. The truth should be accurate

If your article employs the data, statistics, fact of history, and the knowledge of geography, please ensure their accuracy. If your article is not accurate, the editor will not believe you anymore.

4. Unique opinion
Please tell something that is commonplace, but not discovered by people. Anyway, it is something that is thought-provoking. Good fiction can leave happy memory to the readers. It is also true for the unique opinion.

5. Keep your charm

As what you write is an article about truth, you should not write it in genuine and boring way. If you feel that is natural to use the slang, you can use the slang. If you handle the conversation in a nice way. Do not worry that writing in an amusing way is not good. It’s okay to laugh at some reality. Otherwise, it will make us discouraged. Sometimes, offense also means survival. The readers will love it.

6. Record your thought

Generally, the theme is not related to the time. However, some are opposite. If you plan to write about the summer holiday, write about the memorable Valentine’s day letters, or Christmas wishes, you should write them six months before the event. When you have this thought, it is good idea to make a note of it. Afterwards, making them to be an article.

7. Consider the readers

It is a suggestion that the author will get from the editor, including myself. When the author writes their own opinion according to the certain theme, they seemingly have a thought that the whole world will listen about their opinion. It is wrong. Every magazine has its own readerships and every reader has its own favorite. To whom do you write to? What should you write? You should have your own standard.

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