Here are some highlights from my diverse experience as a journalist, copy-editor, technical writer, and translator.

Hong Kong Economic Times

Bylined Article Writing

I was a journalist in Hong Kong Economic Times beforehand. My role is to write bylined articles and edit news articles. I write and edit articles about technology. This job made me understand more about the IT market and let me become a technology journalist.



Text Editing

I was a technical copy-editor in Nikkei Business Electronic Asia in the past. My role is to edit the news articles and rewrite the news articles. While focusing on editing the technical articles, this job made me more sophisticated with the style and tone of the writing.

LaCrosse Technology asia

Technical Writing

I was a technical writer in LaCrosse Technology Asia ten years ago. I was responsible for creating and editing the product manuals. I focus on the product manuals of the manufacturing field. This job made me an expert in creating product manuals.



Text Translation

As a freelance translator in Translatemedia several years ago, I was responsible for translating the press release.  My domain is in the technical field. Throughout these years, I have gained a lot of knowledge of translation skill.

The Portfolio of Bylined Articles

Portfolio 1 : This article is about online shopping. Portfolio 2 : This article is about MMX technology. Portfolio 3 : This article is about Feng Shui.

The Portfolio of Text Editing

Sample works in Nikkei Business Electronic Asia

The Portfolio of Technical Manuals

Portfolio 1,2,3 Work Samples in LaCrosse technology Asia Ltd.

The Portfolio of Text Translation

Portfolio 1 : This is a translation copy for the marketing function. Portfolio 2 : This is a translation copy for the marketing function. Portfolio 3 : This is a translation for introductory function.

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